Heart to Heart 185

Create Your Day

My life experience in this lifetime, has taught me that everything is on purpose all of the time.  There are no accidents, only events that we have all created together.  Sometimes it seems though, that life is random and chaotic when things don’t seem to be going the way we want.  Another wonderful Christmas movie line is “The day brings what it brings.  Take what is given and then turn it into something wonderful!” We are in this together.  We are not separate.  We are magnificent, dancing, glowing particles of Oneness, here to shine so brightly so we all can find our way.

Doctor Joe Dispenza says:”What if, before you got out of bed and began your day, you took the time to ask yourself one simple question? “What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?” If you were patient enough to wait for an answer, you would begin to think differently than if you just woke up and remembered yourself as the same person from the day before.  Here is his ritual that he does each morning.  If you use this, it will literally change your life forever in the most powerful way.

“So if we’re consciously designing our destiny, and if we’re consciously from a spiritual standpoint throwing in with the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality or affect our life — because reality equals life — then I have this little pact that I have when I create my day. I say, ‘I’m taking this time to create my day and I’m infecting the quantum field. Now if (it) is in fact the observer’s watching me the whole time that I’m doing this and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won’t expect, so I’m as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things. And make it so that I have no doubt that it’s come from you.”

I encourage you tomorrow to begin your day this way.  Before getting out of bed or doing anything else.  Ask your higher self to show you a sign that you are this unlimited, eternal being of light.  Find out what your heart wants to achieve and then take what the day gives you and turn it into something wonderful.  And you will know who you truly are!  From my dancing heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 184

Positive Place

About twenty years ago, a group of us in Sedona worked to create a television show.  It was called the Positive Place Television talk show.  The format was similar to the Oprah and Donahue shows that were on at that time.  The difference was, that our program was going to show the magnificence of the human heart and spirit.  We wanted folks to know that not everyone was so dysfunctional.  We wanted to give hope to society and that there were people actually doing wonderful things all over the world.  We wrote a theme song for the show that went something like this.  “Smiling faces and friendly places, there’s magic everywhere.  Reaching out to touch someone, there’s lot’s of love to share.  Reach inside yourself and you’ll find, there’s a bridge between your heart and your mind.  It’s the Positive, it’s the Positive Place!”

Tonight, Lou Ann and I were watching a Christmas movie that had a line in it that said “Memories are like a bridge between the heart and the mind”. It reminded me of something I used to share about the distance to travel from unconscious to conscious is only eighteen inches.  The distance between your heart and your mind.  That physical short journey is actually one that will have us feel more alive than we have ever felt before.  We so often get stuck in our activities and plans and trying to succeed that we miss the heart and soul of being alive!

There was another line in the movie that was an Emily Dickinson quote ” possible’s slow fuse is lit by the imagination”.  We truly do not know what is possible.  We live lives of limitation, often because we have been told and so we believe, that there are limits to our human expression.  And it is just not true.  Countless times throughout history, people have been told certain “facts” that turned out to not be true.  The Earth does revolve around the sun, and it is round!

In our personal lives, we have given away our imagination, power and passion and played it safe.  It is never too late to take the journey from our minds to our hearts and discover our limitless abilities.  No matter our age, education, experience or beliefs, today can be the day that we connect with our purpose for being and our joy of living!  From my positive heart to yours, Thomas

BTW, if you want to see some of our previous blogs, just go to positiveplace.com and you will find them.

Heart to Heart 183

Joyful Ritual

Many mornings, Lou Ann and I make our bed together.  Once we have finished, we gather up some stuffed animals which I pick up and then throw them to her and she catches them.  As I take each soft item, I announce the name of it and Lou Ann in turn blesses each one.  The first one, is actually a pillow that has a knitted cover, that was created by our dear friend Barbara Carlson who is knitting on the other side right now.  I say “We love you Barbara and Lou Ann also blesses her whole family.  Then there is a teddy bear named Dylan (blessing all the animals).  Next, I throw her a pink dolphin and a blue one. And I throw a grey and white dolphin which we named Rainbow and then one named Aleta.  These two, are named after actual dolphins, that we swam with at the Dolphin Research Center in 1994 in the Florida Keys.  Then we throw and catch two baby dolphins who are hugging each other.

Finally, I hug a white bear and a red bear who are hugging each other, and attached with a valentine heart, then toss them.  Red and white were the colors of my Hollywood High School, and Lou Ann had a dream before we met, about those two colors and knew they were going to be significant. Then in 1982 Lou Ann and I went to Disneyland together with some of our children; and we fell in love dancing beneath the red and white canopy at the Carnation Plaza. The colors have been our primary symbolic colors of our relationship through the years. Red, being the color of love and white the color of illumination, understanding and clarity.  We love doing this as a ritual that begins our day, and we feel a deeper connection to all of the actual beings on Earth that these stuffed cuties symbolize.

Maybe you have some rituals like this that warm your heart and make your day.  If not, it’s never to late to let your inner child out to play! From our childlike hearts to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 181


December was one of the best months of the year growing up in Hollywood.  My dad was an alcoholic and had dozens of jobs he couldn’t keep and so we struggled financially and emotionally.  My mom worked at the local Sears Roebuck and company (as it was then named) to keep the family afloat.  And she made the meals and tried to support her three sons in any way she could.  Somehow around Christmas time we would somehow get a fresh tree and decorate it.  Gladys (mom), we also lovingly called her happy butt, and she loved it, would make Christmas Stollen.  It is a homemade bread, full of raisins, almonds and Citron, topped with powdered sugar.  We would then have the huge turkey dinner with the gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and of course pumpkin pie.

It was also the time of year when I would get clothes and shoes and things for school.  Which I appreciated so much.   Then somehow on Christmas morning there would be lots of presents under the tree.  We listened to Christmas music on the radio and in later years watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas”.  Now you can see how I came to love this time of the year.  It was Gladys Naomi Bruck who was the anchor of sanity and bringer of joy that made it happen for the youngest of three boys.  As the years went by, my mom and I were the closest to each other in heart and deed.

So now, Lou Ann and I give a lot of time and energy to the celebration of the season.  We both love giving gifts and watching the corny, but lovable films that make us cry and remember our past.  We continue to create new loving memories of this special time of year.  I wish for you all to have this kind of love and caring that I got from my mother.  My mom helped me make it through some very difficult times  and showed me how to be a compassionate caring person.  I miss her each Christmas and I celebrate her holiday spirit which shone throughout the year!  From my holiday heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 178

Joyful Living

Eleven of us on the Illuminate Film Festival team went to a holiday celebration today at a local Winery and restaurant.  We loved the food and the camaraderie which was highlighted by each person sharing with the group a personal story.  We learned about some amazing transformational experiences such as a woman who saw an angel at the age of three.  One other teammate went on a year long vision quest in the Eat, Pray, Love manner.  Another hitchhiked across Africa for five months, when in her teens, with her boyfriend.  Someone else was hiking the Appalachian Trail and got to the top of a mountain and ran down the mountain in the dark and experienced the essence of everything in life.  One of us, who is Native American, had a grandfather who was a Medicine Man and she learned much about healing.

Another woman moved from back east and when she landed in Arizona felt an overwhelming connection to Native America, and has a sacred medicine wheel in her front yard.  I shared the funny story of when I was a student at Hollywood High School.  I had a Physiology teacher named Mrs. Vollmer who was quite eccentric.  Whenever someone was caught talking in her class, she made them go to the front of the room and stand in the corner for two minutes.  When you were caught eight times during the class year, your name was engraved on a plaque in that corner.  My name is under Lana Turner’s!  Nice place to be!

It might be fun for some of us to have this kind of sharing with our family, friends our associates.  What happened today was our team becoming even closer.  The next time we meet, we will be bonded at a deeper level.  It is such a joy to be with a committed group of people who are giving of their time and energy to make a difference.  It gives me hope in the face of all the news we are exposed to on a daily basis.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas


Heart to Heart 176

Never too late for a second chance

We all make choices that don’t go so well.  We break promises.  We forget to keep our appointments.  We don’t show up on time.  We eat extra dessert when we are trying to lose weight.  We don’t do our home work.  We leave the stove burner on high.  One time a lady with a large figure was sharing with a small group of us that she had lost seventy five pounds.  The first words out of my mouth were “how much did you weigh?  I still remember that moment when I was unconsciously thoughtless.  I have made a lot of choices I wish I could change.  Life doesn’t work that way.  We get to be here now with all of our foibles and let life give us a second chance.

Let us be a forgiving and loving people.  If someone has erred, instead of destroying their lives or locking them up.  Let us sit down together and find out a way to love each other enough that we get to experience the best we can be.  There is a saying that ” I would rather be happy than right”  I totally agree with it.  The challenge is, that our society seems to be stuck in being right and not happy.  We get stuck in our righteousness.  At our core, no one is better than anyone else.  Some of us have taken actions that don’t serve themselves our society.  When we choose well, it contributes to the world but it doesn’t make us a better person.

Let us give more second chances, maybe even third or fourth chances.  The old saying that to never judge someone else unless you walk a mile in their moccasins is still true.  We can never know what has occurred in the heart of another.  There is a passage in the New Testament where Peter asked Jesus about forgiveness and Jesus’ reply is to forgive seventy times seven.  Let us take a moment and bring up someone in our mind that may have hurt us and we still feel it.  Let’s give them another chance and open our hearts and love them unconditionally.  Its never too late!  From my forgiving heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 175

The Best Day of your Life

We watched another Christmas movie and a couple asked each other what was the best day of your life?  They ended up creating their best day together.

I think it would be nearly impossible to choose only one day as the best day.  Life is full of days that might fall in the top ten though.  For me, the best days of my life were the days that each of my children were born, Michael, December 7th, Deborah, January 7th, Chris, December 20th and Jim, June 12th.  Then there is the day I met Lou Ann for the first time and instantly liked her even though we would not get together for three more years.  Then New Years Eve, 1982 we were married in Scottsdale AZ  with our children present.  I also got to perform weddings for my son Michael and his bride Pearl and for Lou Ann’s daughter Uma who married Dave on a beach in Hawaii.

So many days in seventy seven years.  There have also been the worst days of my life, mixed in with the best.  I won’t go into the details of many of those.  In retrospect though, some of the worst days have turned out to also be some of the best. I guess that might be true for most of us.  As I look back upon my life I remember the deaths of loved ones, business losses, loss of homes in Virginia. They pale in comparison to all the joy and wonder and magic of all the other days which would be most days!  I remember too, I was blessed to be the pastor of a church here in Sedona for about three and a half years.  There were about fifty folks who would show up on Sunday and we would laugh and cry and celebrate life in a wonderful way.  Those Sundays were also some of the best days of my life.

I invite you to take some time after reading this post to reminisce about your life and see what were your best days.  And perhaps like me, discover what might have been a worst day when it happened, that turned out to be a best day.  I wish for you that all the days of your life from now on will be exactly what your heart desires them to be!  From my thankful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 174


We are writing our Christmas letter that we have been sending out for some twenty years or more.  It is fun to go back and remember the things we did this year.  It has certainly been a year filled with hard work.  The seven months we worked on our house was long and sometimes exhausting.  It also has its rewards.  Not only did we improve our home, it will be worth a lot more.  It has also been wonderful to examine the projects like tiling the floors which took a couple of weeks.  When I look at the beautiful floors I feel a connection to them.  It would have been great to have had the money to pay some professionals to do the work, but there will be a lasting satisfaction in knowing we did this personally.

We have made a lot of choices in our thirty five years together to do things ourselves.  It feels good to have partnered with Lou Ann and created what we have.  We have done a lot, lost a lot and have gained from having done both.  Life for us has been this topsy-turvy adventure and somehow it has made us closer.  We know that no matter what happens, we have each other’s love and support and we will keep on going and do the best we can.  Our email has been positive place dot com for some twenty five years.  It was a gift to us from Lana and Tania Bloch when we did Spirit Church.  This email says who we are.  We are so fortunate to mostly see the bright side of life and have met many wonderful positive people along the way.

So, as this year draws to a close and we look back at what we did, and look forward to what we will create; we will continue to share our belief that life is precious, loving, joyous and worth every second that we give to it!  Our hope for all of you is to count your blessings and know you are amazing, wonderful beings of light who shine every moment!  From our hopeful hearts to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 173

The Excitement builds

We had a wonderful programming team meeting for Illuminate Film Festival tonight at our home.  There were ten present and another five on Zoom from their computers.  We discussed how to review movies and choose the ones that best exemplify our mission of providing conscious cinema to make a difference in the world.  Danette Wolpert the founder of the festival gave a wonderful presentation of the history of the Festival and let us know how important our job was in creating the best possible event.

I remember a film from last years festival titled “Rumble, The Indians Who Rocked the World”. This movie about Native Americans (here called “Indians” for reasons that become clearer as the movie goes on) and their influence not just on rock but on American music. As is pointed out more than once, the music of the Shawnee, the Choctaw, the Mohawk, the Apache, and so many other tribes, is in a very real sense the first American music. Race-mixing between blacks and Indians resulted in a cultural consciousness that enabled a melding of African music and Indian.  (A review of the movie on Ebert.com)

After the movie there was a question and answer session and I raised my hand and said that I never liked rock and roll music.  I was from a generation of folks who listened to Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Doris Day etc.  And then I shared in a very emotional way that this movie opened my heart to these wonderful musicians.  They were often from broken homes and in many cases judged for their ethnicity or their culture or other non-mainstream choices.  However, they had a dream and nothing was going to stop them from making their music.  It is thrilling to watch our sisters and brothers who have such intention.  I am in awe of people who keep on going no matter what!

In a related way I had a small experience with a neighbor who walks his dog past our house every day.  I was driving by him and his pet named Bosco; because he is a chocolate lab, and we stopped to chat.  He asked me how had the remodel of our home had gone. I shared that it had taken seven months, but we had more to do on the property.  He laughed and said “you are like me, they will carry you out feet first!”  I laughed as well and later I thought of the remark and said to myself that yes, I will probably never retire.  I will find some passion to be involved with that will feed my heart and soul and hopefully make a difference.

I think it is important to keep involved and contribute as long as we can.  I believe it creates longevity by keeping our mind and body and spirit moving forward.  I wish for you to find those things that thrill your heart.  Whether they are hobbies or you life’s work; I encourage you to do them til the last breath of your life.  From my fired up heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 172

Sunday Fun!

Lou Ann and I went down to Phoenix to watch the Cardinals versus Rams football game.  I have been rooting for the Los Angeles Rams since I was seven; just a few years ago!  The football stadium is located in Glendale Arizona and it is located on a giant property with a huge Hockey stadium and a giant outdoor mall that has twenty restaurants included.  We went early and enjoyed some delicious Mexican food before walking over to the football field.

While we were watching I was impressed that the Arizona Cardinals were presenting kind of a public service announcement a couple of times to their fans.  In the PSA,  several of the team’s star players and coach asked that their fans be enthusiastic but polite and caring of others around them!  I thought that was pretty classy! We sat on the fifty yard line in the upper seats and the view was wonderful.  Lou Ann and I focused our attention on our team (Los Angeles) doing well.  There were a few times when we would predict the outcome of a play before it occurred!  It was fun to have that work so well.

We went shopping at Macy’s after the game and had a vegan meal nearby.  Lou Ann remarked of how sweet life is.  We enjoy so many of the same things and support each other in creating our heart’s desires!  The Universal principle of “what you focus on expands” comes to mind.  We truly do our best to have each moment of our lives be filled with love, joy, fun and abundance.  We don’t take life or each other for granted.  We realize how short a lifetime is, in the scheme of things. May this holiday season and all the seasons of your life, be filled to the brim with everything your heart’s desire as well!  From our full hearts to yours, Thomas