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Heart to Heart 16


My friend Arnold Patent used to say that abundance is the natural state of affairs in the Universe.  There is more than enough of everything for everyone on planet Earth.  Then how do we explain that so many millions live in lack?   Even in the United States there are millions living in poverty while most people are experiencing unparalleled prosperity.  Ninety-seven per cent of the US population will retire on incomes below the poverty level. How could this be?  We are well educated.  We possess the creative ability to achieve affluence.  Could it be that many of us do not feel we deserve abundance?

How do you define prosperity? Is it how much material substance we have created?  Is it the size of our annual income?  Is it the amount of our estate?  Is it material at all?  Someone once defined abundance as being able to do whatever one desires whenever one desires to do so. Here are my definitions of abundance:

I believe you are abundant if you are willing to give away everything you possess.

That you realize you do not own anything and you are only borrowing it for a lifetime or less.

You focus on what you do have and are truly grateful for it.

If you love yourself and others as yourself.

If you know who you really are.

If you know that nothing is missing.

If you believe it!

Underlying the belief of abundance is the principle of giving and receiving and the principle of what you focus on expands. The more we give the more we receive.  In fact they are one in the same.  When we give to others we realize that it is ourselves who are being enriched.  When we receive from others we are giving them a gift. It is the natural flow of the Universe.” The giver gets the greatest gift!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 15

Love Yourself the Way You Are

In our Earth spacesuits we often get confused about love.  We experience it as an emotion.  We speak of loving or being loved and we mean that we want to feel good in our skin.  This kind of love is romantic and serves us, and it is not the love we are speaking about right now.

Love, in this conversation is the energy of the Universe.  It is the God love or the eternal love and it doesn’t have a personality to it.  As energy, love creates everything and is everything.  Therefore everyone and everything is love.  Every event is love.  Subatomic particles are love.  Your ex-spouse is love.  Your mother-in-law is love.  Republicans and Democrats are love.  Vladimir Putin is love.  Your puppies and babies and spiders and spinach and Brussels sprouts are love.

There have been thousands of books written about love.  There have been college courses to teach love.  There have been hundreds of songs with love as the theme.  With all this education and information available you would think the world would be filled with it.  Then why are there so many seemingly unloving acts perpetrated daily?

It is clear we are living in a World that is starving for love.  The challenge is, in order to receive love we get to learn love ourselves first.  We cannot give away that which we do not have.  We have been trained to be self-deprecating.  Loving our-self has been looked at as egotistical.  However, it is only out of a feeling of high self regard that we are able to love others.  To the degree we are willing to love ourselves is the amount of love we can share and therefore receive.  Loving oneself and then others requires knowledge of our true nature.

We are not what we do.  We are not what we have.  We are not our jobs.  We are not our personalities.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  The tough part of this is that when we don’t love ourselves, we go to any length to try and get it from someone or something else.  We believe it is out there; maybe in the arms of a soul-mate.  We look for love in all the wrong places, but it isn’t out there.  This lack of self love shows up in a world in which we settle.  We end up doing jobs we don’t like.  We stay in relationships that don’t empower us.  We don’t go for our dreams.  The truth is, if we had five per cent more self love then our world would be awesome!

Love, in our human condition works powerfully when it is expressed in two ways: non-judgment and forgiveness.  If we have judged, then we have locked up the energy around that event.  Once we have judged, the way out is through forgiveness.  The way to do this is, to not judge anyone or anything for any reason.  When we truly forgive we are literally saying to someone thank you “for giving” me this event which allows me to look at where I am stuck. Your homework for tonight is to find five per cent more self love and see what happens!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 14


Life Changing Books

Every once in awhile a book or a person or an energy connects with my life and I experience a significant change in how I see everything.  The entity Emmanuel, channeled by Pat Rodegast is that kind of experience for me.  I have been reading their material contained in three books for more than thirty years and this magnificent being continues to surprise, enhance, entertain and shift my consciousness.  The communications are so loving and consistent and inclusive about many aspects of our Earthly journeys. Nothing in my four decades of personal search for the discovery of who I truly am has been as influential or profound.  Pat made her transition back in 2012.

I would love for others to hear his words, feel his joy, and experience his wisdom.  I am going to begin sharing his words in video format on a regular basis.  I will simply read a passage and perhaps share my understanding of what has been shared.  The books are titled ‘Emmanuel’s Book A Manual for living comfortably in the Cosmos and Emmanuel’s Book II, The Choice for Love and Emmanuel’s Book III, What is an Angel Doing Here?

Here is a sample of his pure wisdom.  “What does the voice of fear whisper to you? “ Fear speaks to you in logic and reason.  It assumes the language of love itself.  Fear tells you “I want to make you safe.”  Love says “You are safe.” Fear says “give me symbols, give me frozen images, give me something I can rely on.”  Loving truth says “Only give me this moment.”  Fear would walk with you on a narrow path promising to take you where you want to go.  Love says “Open your arms and fly with me.”  Every moment of your life you are given the opportunity to choose love or fear; to tread the Earth or to soar the heavens.”

I get goosebumps just writing those words! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 13


Lou Ann and I are remodeling our home.  We purchased an air conditioning system and it has been sitting in our home during these plus one hundred degree days.  I have called several HVAC dealers and they have not returned my calls.  Today I went to my job at Verde Solar Power and my boss was busy so I went next door to get a cold drink and there was an air conditioning work truck sitting there when I came out.  I asked about them doing my install and he gave me his number.  On my way home I decided to stop at the bank to deposit my commission check.  The teller discovered that I had made an error and she made a change and I got seven dollars more.  It took a few seconds more than it would have if I had recorded the correct amount.  I left the bank and headed for my car and parked next to it was another air conditioning company truck. The driver was just getting into his truck.  I spoke with the technician and he said he would be happy to come to our home the next day and give us an estimate for the installation.

Such is the timing in life.  When I think back to my circuitous path I can see so many occurrences that happened because of a small thing like that bank deposit slip.  Lou Ann feels that it is somehow tied to my writing this blog.  I began this a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit a gentlemen for a solar possibility and his roof would not be okay for an installation.  I looked around his house and there were hundreds of metaphysical books and objects.  As we sat there he asked me if I knew who Quan Yin is? I said I did.  He replied she is here with us now.  He then went on to share with me that I had a lot of gifts like public speaking and writing that I was not sharing with the world.  He told me other things about the inner me that he could not have possibly known! Finally he said you have to write a blog.  The world is filled with so many broken hearts and it is your job to lift them up!  After this strange and wonderful experience I went home and started writing this blog.

I am sure that most of you have had these wonderful serendipitous experiences.  Take some time to recall them and get back in touch with the reason you are here now.  Your life is always on purpose and the more you can just surrender and let go of trying to control things, it will flow! I am loving to once again be sharing my life with all of you. From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 12

Just finished watching a wonderful documentary hosted by Carl Reiner.  He played the boss of Dick Van Dyke in a huge television hit in the early sixties.  He has a famous son Rob Reiner who played the character “Meathead” in the successful and not so politically correct All in the Family in the early seventies. And went on to become one of Hollywood’s most successful directors.  The title of the documentary is If you’re not in the Obit, eat breakfast.

Reiner’s quest is to find out why some folks live into their nineties and beyond.  He has fellow nonagenarians and other centenarians Dick Van Dyke, Tony Bennett, Betty White, Norman Lear and Mel Brooks share why they have had a long life.  Some common elements is they never retired, they keep busy, they keep learning and they have a passion for life.

I am 76 and my beautiful life partner is 71.  People who encounter us who don’t know us are surprised when they find out our age.  We are both very active physically. We both eat very healthy vegan diets. We are very active in communities in such things as climate change, sustainability, conscious cinema and musical performing.  Hardly anyone knows when they will die and tomorrow is never guaranteed.  However, if you desire a long healthy, happy, productive, abundant life the odds are with you when you do what you love and do it with passion and you put a lot of energy into it.

Tomorrow is Monday for many of us.  Let us make this day a commitment to find out what it is we love to do. Then ask Universe to support you in creating your loving vocation.  Then brainstorm with loved ones who want only the best for you to find the connections to reach your goal. If you want our support, email us at or and we will give you whatever support we can.  Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t contain all of your love, passion and energy.  Give it all you got! From my heart to yours, Thomas.


Heart to Heart 11

Why is it that we are in a hurry so much of the time? It is as if we are given only so much time and when it runs out, we are finished.  Some people believe that there is only one Earth life and then an afterlife.  Some perceive that this is the only existence and we are complete.  Others believe that there are many lives.  Regardless of our philosophy, there is something missing if we rush through life.

What is missing is the moment you are in.  We are often preoccupied with the past or the future and we discover we are at the end of life and wonder where it went.  Jon Kabat-Zinn speaks about this in his book “Wherever you go there you are”.   He says “we fall into a robot like way of seeing and thinking and doing.  In those moments, we break contact with what is deepest in ourselves and affords us perhaps our greatest opportunities for creativity, growing and learning.  If we are not careful, those clouded moments can stretch out and become most of our lives.  To allow ourselves to be truly in touch with where we already are, no matter where that is, we have got to pause in our experience.  We should quiet ourselves long enough to actually feel the present moment, to see it in its fullness, to hold it in awareness and thereby come to know and understand it better.”

We often participate in life experiences without being fully present.  This not only cheats those who are in relationship with us but also cheats ourselves out of being totally alive.  Many times we experience some form of regret from the past or some form of anxiety of some future event.  There is nothing we can do about the past and the future may never arrive, so right now is the only time we can truly experience.

I have noticed that the general public spends enormous sums of money on watching performers.  Athletic stars, movie stars, musical stars are famous and paid incredible fortunes. They have learned how to be so focused in the present moment of their performance. And they have dedicated their lives to the singular purpose of perfecting their art! And we worship that dedication.

Instead of taking life one day at a time, take it one moment at a time, even one second at a time.  When we focus on the present moment life is intentional.  Living this way is powerful and gives our life more depth and meaning. One of the most powerful ways of doing this is to meditate.  Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position and tune into your breathing and heart rhythms.  Then allow your thoughts to float by and relax into a peaceful state.  You do not need to attempt to accomplish any goals or reach some result.  Be still and know that you are one with the Universe and each breath you take is connected to all other breaths.  Practicing meditation will create being in the moment more and life will feel more loving and on purpose.  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 10

A few years ago I was listening to a sports talk show on radio.  They asked the listeners, ninety percent male, to name their favorite sports movie.  I was delighted to hear the winner was Field of Dreams.  I would have thought it was the Rocky movies or other macho movies of that genre.  I was impressed that the listeners could be moved by such a spiritual and metaphysical movie.

Lou Ann and I have been honored to be on the staff of the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona the past two years. Here is an excerpt from the Illuminate Film Festival website:

Humanity craves inspiring stories that push us along on our journey toward happiness, freedom, abundance and peaceful coexistence.

Our purpose at ILLUMINATE is to showcase cinematic gems that empower those who see them to live kinder, wiser, more enlightened lives.

We are on a committed dream team of volunteers who begin working on the festival in the fall of the previous year. The event is the during the first week of June.  Go to the website at to see about being part of this transformative event.

Now I am thinking about films that have inspired me in my lifetime.  There are too many to list.  Just last year I loved Collateral Beauty and A dog’s purpose.  I loved The Last Mimzy.  And of course It’s a Wonderful Life! Others that have moved me are Dave, Serendipity, The Bucket List and Pontiac Moon.

Most of all I love movies that are about the heart.  I love movies about the underdogs who overcome so many obstacles against great odds to achieve their goal.  I want to be inspired to feel better about life and leave the theater glowing!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have inspirational people like that in real life?  Think about someone you know that has made a big difference in your life and let them know about it.  If feels so good when someone acknowledges you for being there for them.  If we take the time to connect with more people and let them know how grateful we are that they are in our lives; the world will be a much better place!  From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 9


About twenty years ago Lou Ann and I had the wonderful experience of being in some exciting musical productions here in Sedona.  We were also in some local productions which involved a wonderful tap dancing group named the Red Rocking Grannies. Their director Ron Roope asked me to meet with them and direct them in their upcoming production,  It was to be my directorial debut.  When we got together I found out that the Grannies did not have any kind of a program ready for me to direct.  I got the idea of doing a musical send up of all the shows in which we had performed.  And here is the magic!  Lou Ann and I created a musical from scratch.  I could envision the characters in each scene and could not write the dialogue fast enough. I wrote the lyrics and the tunes for eight original songs. Lou Ann and I worked on the choreography even though we had never done it before. Sandy Reid was the musical director and wrote the music beautifully.  Jeanette Davis was the wonderful choreographer that brought the dancing to life. The entire musical was ready in three weeks! We had a cast of thirty volunteers playing the parts. We debuted the show in Sedona and then played in the Phoenix area before hundreds of snow birds.  It was so self satisfying watching actors speaking and singing the words I had written.  It was an all time high!

I share this with you to invite the hidden magic within you to come forth.  I believe that within the folks who read this blog there may be a Mozart that has never penned an Opera. A Barbara Streisand who has not sung her song. A Van Gogh who has not put his brush to canvas.  I know, it was a corny musical that a couple of thousand people enjoyed but it fulfilled my heart and soul with such joy of creation. You do not know what the Universe has in store for you until you make the effort to go beyond your comfort zone.  I invite you all to find the treasure within and let your creative wings unfurl and soar to your highest magnificent expression of who you are! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 8

Pure Aloha Oath

I solemnly promise

To live every heartbeat of my life

From this day forward

With pure aloha

And every single action be it large of small

Must first come from my compassionate heart

And be supported by my thoughtful mind

With an open heart and an open mind

I will unconditionally love

Every person who crosses my path in life

As a fellow member of our one world ohana

If I truly try my best to do all these things

I will become the person I was meant to be

Filled with inner peace and complete happiness

Living every heartbeat with pure aloha, I can

Bring love into the hearts of others

And make our world a better place

This oath is tacked to the wall in Uncle Clay’s House of pure Aloha.  It is a Hawaiian shaved ice shop north of Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  I went into the store one day to cool down after one of the marathons that I ran. The shaved ice was excellent because it was made with fruit juices instead of corn syrup.  I met the proprietors of the business and they seemed to exude the spirit of the Aloha Oath.

It would not be easy to unconditionally love every person who crosses our path.  The oath tells us that it may be accomplished with an open heart and open mind.  Right now it seems we live in a world where many hearts are closed and certainly many minds as well.  For a lot of us we closed our hearts when we were hurt.  We don’t want to experience that hurt again so we withdraw and shut down our feelings and close our hearts. And we often strike out at others who we most love.

I chose the title of my blog to be Heart to Heart after a John Denver song. Check it out on YouTube.  Here are the lyrics:

I haven’t seen all there is to see
But I’ve seen quite a bit
Some things I’ll always remember
Some things I wish that I could forget
I haven’t quite been around the world
But I’ve been around the block
I know that distances are meaningless
Like the hands that move around a clock
And I know that love is everywhere
Always safe, always true
And exactly where it comes from
Is where it’s going to
Your heart to mine
My heart to yours
Talk about opening windows
Talk about opening doors
My heart to yours
Your heart to mine
Love is a light that shines
From heart to heart

I encourage all of us who have been wounded and damaged to find a way to open our hearts and let our light shine from our heart to all the other hearts who so want to be loved! From my heart to yours, Thomas

Tomorrow’s blog will be about the amazing treasures you may possess inside you.


Heart to Heart 7

On Board Romance after 34 years of marriage!

Seven months ago Lou Ann and I became vegan. We were staffing the world premiere of the movie “Eating You Alive” for the Illuminate Film Festival right here in Sedona.  The documentary is about how what you eat can dramatically affect your life in a negative way. Millions of people die each year of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Heart disease and stroke alone killed 17 million people in 2015.  The film followed the journey of several people who were either chronically or terminally ill.  The movie showed how when people choose a whole food plant based diet they can actually completely reverse their disease and heal themselves!

While watching the movie we also became more aware of the horrible treatment of millions of animals that are slaughtered in the name of a good steak, burger or other animal body part.  I had crossed my personal Rubicon.  I couldn’t go back to eating the way I had.  We met Milan Ross after the premiere who wrote the book titled “The Change”, transforming yourself and your body into the person you want to be. He weighed over 400 pounds and had lost half his body weight.  We were now on our own new journey of a whole food plant based diet.

Lou Ann has way more determination than I.  Once she has made up her mind to accomplish something, there is little that will deter her.  Perhaps her 14 years of Catholic training was a help. I had no training in completing anything. And Lou Ann is also a tiptoer, I know that is not a real word but it describes how she approaches some things.  When we go swimming in a pool or to the ocean she gradually enters the water a few inches at a time to get acclimated to the wetness.  Me? I have to take a running start and leap into the water and get the shock over as soon as possible.  I was not going to succeed with being a vegan if I just decided to give up cheese or dairy.  I know me,  If I didn’t go all in I would have found a way to justify and would have failed.  Thankfully Lou Ann went all in as well.

I have lost 22 pounds, Lou Ann’s genetic high cholesterol plummeted 31 points. I feel younger than I have in years.  I feel less dense and sluggish.  I feel like a “light” being!  I work for a solar company whose owner is a Seventh Day Adventist.  When I informed Greg that we had gone vegan he exclaimed” It’s the number one thing you can do for the planets health; even more than solar.” All over our globe huge forests are being destroyed to create prairie land so people can raise cattle and other grazing animals.

I am not here to convince all of you to become vegans.  Everyone’s health is their own choice. I am only sharing Lou Ann’s and my experience the last seven months.  If it feels like something you would like to try, please do. I know the animals would love you for it!  Another movie that is helpful that was in the last Illuminate Film Festival is titled “What The Health”.  I highly recommend that film as well. I wish you the longest, healthiest, wealthiest life filled with love and joy and all that your heart desires! From my heart to yours, Thomas