Heart to Heart 481 When You Heart is Free!

When Your Heart is Free!

Adshanti said “Until you give the whole world it’s freedom, you’ll never have your own freedom!”

Mooji said: ” When you don’t want to be interesting, then you are free!”

Tolle said: ” When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner stillness.  You are present.  You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning!”

Nisargadatta Maharaj shared: ”When you don’t require anything from the world and nothing from God,
when you don’t desire anything, when you don’t strive for anything,
don’t expect anything,
the divine will enter you,
unasked and unexpected.”

Pema Chodron said: “The truth you believe and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new!”

I share these wise words tonight from folks just like you and me.  They have the same physiology, the same kind of brain, mind and heart.  The major difference is that they took the time to listen.  They became quiet long enough to achieve a level of self realization.  They are not better than we are, they are not smarter than we are, they are not more spiritual than we are.  They allowed themselves to open up to the possibility of Who they are.

We can so the same thing.  Perhaps we won’t be able to meditate as much and as long as they did.  Perhaps we will get to spend most of our time doing, rather than being.  However, if for a few moments each day, we become quiet enough to stop thinking, we too can connect to the beautiful Divine nature of our being. Then we can feel free and perhaps give the world it’s freedom!  From my free heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 480 Light Beings

Light Beings

Lou Ann and I were watching a Hallmark movie.  The heroine in the film loses her memory in an auto accident somewhere in Vermont.  The male lead is a local doctor who is taking care of her. They decide to give her the name Elizabeth.  While we are watching the movie I got a message of an airbnb guest who wants to book a room in November.  Her name is Elizabeth.   Love those simple kinds of synchronizations.

Life is a magical adventure that we sometimes take for granted.  We work hard, have families, and explore all of our life choices.  We can get lost in all the activities and not remember who we are; spiritual beings having a human experience.  We came here to express our beauty and our magnificence.  We intentionally forget about our Divinity. Then we begin to wake up and to live in the moment, in the midst of this beautiful Universe.

Then as we move through life, we get the opportunity to discover that eternal loving nature of our soul.  Now is the time to re-focus on our reason for being here.  It is the reconnecting to a purpose for living.  Let us renew the dance with our heart.  Let us treasure our experience and our mission.  To be fully expressed human beings, who are loving our families, our creatures, our friends, and our planet!

A new climate report just came out yesterday about how we are doing.  We only have until 2040 to turn ourselves around.  The clock is ticking, louder than ever before.  Let us return to the wonder we felt as children and the belief we could do anything.  We can do this, if we all pull together.  We are the light beings that the world has been waiting for.  Now is our time to shine!  From my serendipitous heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 479 Two Wolves

Two Wolves

There are two wolves that are always fighting, one named Darkness and Despair the other named Light and Hope.  Which one wins?  The one that you feed!

A good friend of mine once shared: Means and ends are the same. The action and outcome are one. To achieve peace, we feel and express inner peacefulness.

The polarization of our country and perhaps the world is at a critical point.  It will not serve our planet for us to continue to insult and attack each other.  It is important for those of us who desire to create peace on Earth, to understand this.  Means and ends are identical.  The way we go about achieving our desired outcome is exactly what we will receive.

It does not matter what others may say or do, it only matters how we respond.  We get to be clear, we get to focus on the divine principles of love and support, forgiveness and empathy, compassion and caring.  We get to come from that deep part of our heart and soul connection, that transcends our human frailty.

Four of us were working on the design of the pilot for our upcoming TV show this weekend.  We were creating a budget and outlining possible segments to be filmed and to be shown.  We came up with a working title which is A Reason for Hope.  I love it.  Let us all become the reason for hope.  Let us be capable of having the audacity to hope.  In the end, it is what we feed the world, that will determine our mutual destiny!  From my hopeful light heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 478 Its Another Sunday Night

It’s Another Sunday Night

Another week finished.  A new week is on its way.  We have been through a lot, all of us.  We are feeling a lot of emotions about the world we have created.  We can look at all the events and take sides about what is right and what is not.  I don’t believe that serves us.  Without trying to change the other person, which we cannot, we get to make some powerful choices.  A nation divided will not stand.  At least it will not stand, as a beacon for others to see and emulate.  From each side of the issues, it is easy to see how we are right and they are wrong.  If we remain in this position, the gridlock, will literally kill us.

So where do we go?  Back to basics for me.  It is Universal Principles that have changed and formed my life.  These are concepts that Lou Ann and I live by.  We learned them thirty five years ago from Arnold Patent.  He enumerated nineteen of them.  Here is number eight, Mutual Support, it seems appropriate right now.

Our Universe functions as a mutual support system, in which each and every thing in existence, relates to and affects every other thing. Every person and circumstance in our lives is there to support us by reflecting back to us the beliefs we hold in our consciousness.

The prevalent belief that we are naturally competitive and adversarial is just a mirroring back to us, of our acceptance of that belief.

Releasing beliefs from our consciousness frees the love of God to flow through us and to those with whom we interact.

Mutual support then reflects more of our natural state of Oneness, and becomes the foundation for rebuilding community based on love, from family to village, city, state, nation and world.

The more we look for the love that is present in each event and circumstance in our lives, the more we appreciate how perfect the Universe’s support for us truly is.

As we begin the next thirty days together, let us take a different tack.  We can still do the same things we planned to do.  We can volunteer, canvass, make phone calls and help others to get involved to vote, march on the Capitol, make passionate speeches.  This time let us realize that there is only one race, human, deeply flawed, and currently not serving planet Earth.  However, we are the only ones who can break this stalemate.  Let us pause, perhaps pray, maybe visualize, that what will occur in our world, will be the power of love, healing hearts that are broken and minds that are poisoned. So that we will all stand together one day and hold hands around the world.  From my hopeful heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 477 The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

Lou Ann and I went to a rally today in Sedona.  It was to take a stand against the possibility of enrolling a Supreme Court Justice who has questionable credentials at best.  Only seven of us showed up, as opposed to the 1500 who showed up here in January of 2017.  The numbers were not that important.  It was knowing that we were taking a stand against tyranny.  Like the 1960 movie The Magnificent Seven, we were few against many.  We didn’t care.  We displayed our signs and placards.  We waved at the passing vehicles.  At a certain point, I felt like we were making some headway, when some of the folks were becoming halfway peaceful.  That is, they waved back with at least a half of a peace sign!

Yes, there were those that opposed us and let us know how they felt. However there were many more who beeped horns and gave us thumbs up!  We didn’t expect to make a difference in the foregone vote, that would happen today.  We showed up anyway, because the world needs us seven, plus many more millions to take a stand for decency, honor, love and respect.

Yes, we are angry.  We have watched our democracy being torn apart by others.  We are standing for all oppressed people and in particular women, who have been violated and not believed.  It is time for the Magnificent Seven to ride into town again.  This time, not for revenge, not to do harm to another, but to band together in the principles of love and freedom for all.  To encourage others to find their voice, their hearts, their courage to say “enough is enough!”

It is time to do all we can, in every possible way to give people ” A Reason for Hope!”  Please join those of us who will not back down, who will not go away, who will rally other like minded folks, to take action and vote!  A new day is coming for America.  A day in which America will be kind again!  From my magnificent heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 476 Another March

Another March

A few of us men and a whole lot of pissed off women, will be marching again in Sedona Arizona, tomorrow at 10 am.  Regardless of the political choices you normally make, please get involved for the support of women, who have been violated by men.  There should be no sides in this action.  Every human being on Earth must be treated with love, respect and safety.  It is not funny to get drunk and do stupid things.  It is time for all people to stand up and create a planet, that is totally safe for all of it’s beings.

It is true, that those of us who act out on others in inappropriate ways, have damaged places within.  For those of us who have been hurt and have never healed, it is time to find a way to inner peace.  Even though we men do not like it said of us, we are responsible for most of the violence in this world.  I urge all men to get the courage to find a way to heal the pain inside of us; that creates all this mayhem.  We were not trained well and we carry so much unexpressed sorrow and pain that women and children and all the other creatures of our Earth suffer for it.  Enough is enough.

Not only is it time to march, it is time to vote.  It is time to vote in as many women and men with open and healed hearts as possible.  We are standing on the brink of a huge shift in consciousness.  It is time to heal the hurt and stand together as one.  If you are in Sedona or some other place in our country, please join us! From my marching heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 475 Use Your Heart While It’s Beating

Use Your Heart While It’s Beating

This is a line from another song from the wonderful movie “Small Foot”  I think what this means is get involved!  Don’t go through life and not show up for yourself and for others.  Life is so precious.  We each get to constantly choose how we spend each moment.  There are so many possibilities in life, that sometimes it can be overwhelming.  What is the best path for us to take?  The road less traveled?  No one can decide for us.  We often get advice from well meaning folks who want us to succeed.  They love us and sometimes feel they know what is best for us.  The deciding factor for me is to follow my heart.

I am reminded of the sixth chapter of Matthew in the Bible, where Jesus says among other things: “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!”  I believe he was encouraging us to not put our treasure in finite things, but in things that are eternal.  The things in life to treasure, are love, joy, happiness, friendship, family, loved ones, doing what we love, holding hands, getting hugs, encouraging each other, serving each other.  The list could go on an on.

Yes, it is fun to have a career and have a beautiful home, excellent car, fine clothes, travel, and retire with wealth.  They pale in comparison, to love as you are loved.  To have a friend who is with you forever.  Having a loving partner to share all our moments.  Having children, and loving, guiding and nurturing them, as they move through life.  Finding a cause to believe in.  One that will help humanity, the environment and all the beings of the Earth.

Let us, while our hearts are still beating, step in to the unknown of heroic living.  We see that kind of living on Facebook, everyday.  Like the little girl who is dining in a restaurant and sees a homeless man outside.  She then takes her uneaten meal out and gives it to the man.  When we live from our heart we find the way to transcend the limitations of modern living.  From my beating heart to yours, Thomas



Heart to Heart 474 A Life That’s Full of Wonder!

A Life That’s Full of Wonder!

Lou Ann and I went to see the wonderful young person’s movie, “Small Foot.” I rarely ever say we have to do something.  However, I am going to invite you to see this movie.  I was enthralled by the fabulous music.  I was overwhelmed by the script and the story.  This is a movie for everyone from 2 to 92.  This is a movie for your eyes to sparkle, your cheeks to flush, your face to hurt from smiling so much and your sides to ache from laughing out loud!  The message is all about what goes on in life, since we beings had a brain.  The story tells us that when we give up our beliefs that no longer serve us, we will create the planet we all desire!

Here is the song ” Wonderful Life”

Take a look around
And see the world we think we know
Then look closer
There’s more to life than meets the eye
A beauty to behold
It’s all much bigger than we know
It’s only just beginning to unfold
So let it all unfold

Far beyond all reason in your mind
There’s a world mysterious
There for you to find
All these questions
That we always have
All we are is curious
There’s nothing wrong with that
So go ’round every corner
Search every part of the sky
‘Cause a life that’s full of wonder
Is a wonderful life

[Verse 2]
Dig beneath the surface
Find the lessons there to learn
And then dig deeper
Feed your intuition
Don’t leave any stone unturned
Be the seeker of the truth
Listen when you hear it calling you
You know it’s calling you

Far beyond all reason in your mind
There’s a world mysterious
There for you to find
All these questions that we always have
All we are is curious
There’s nothing wrong with that
So go ’round every corner
Search every part of the sky
‘Cause a life that’s full of wonder
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life

And the answers are far away
Look closer
Look closer
Look closer
Look closer

There is another beautiful song called “Finally Free”, which I will write about tomorrow.

Seldom has a movie moved me this much!  Please go see it if you are able and take the whole family and live a life full of wonder!  From my overjoyed heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 473 Why is not a Useful Question

Why is not a Useful Question

This was a song that a good friend of ours used to sing, named Rudi Harst. He is the leader of the Celebration Circle in San Antonio Texas.  A better question might be, what am I going to do with what I have just created.  You see when we ask why, it keeps us separate from our creation.  It often implies that someone, something, outside of ourselves, did something to us.  It allows us to avoid responsibility for our creations.

Our wonderful mentor, Arnold Patent, taught us a powerful way to move through self created obstacles.  Instead of asking why did this happen to me? Inferring we didn’t have anything to do with it.  Patent said, don’t get stuck trying to analyze your way out of your predicament.  Simply, visualize what you have created and get in touch with the feeling you are experiencing around it.  Once in touch with how you feel, let go.  Then immediately allow yourself to feel how you truly want to feel.  Once you have accessed that new feeling; stay with it and allow it to be what you are experiencing. Not the old feeling of being a victim!

It can be a challenging thing to move away from always asking why is this happening to me.  We have been trained to look outside of ourselves for someone else to blame.  It is a powerful thing to take responsibility for everything in our life.  This is not to blame ourselves; it is to find solution by going inside and creating what we desire, on the feeling level.  Once we do this, then we begin to live powerful lives!  From my inquiring heart to yours, Thomas

Heart to Heart 472 Every Step We Take

Every Step We Take

I was out on my walk today.  I have done this walk hundreds of times.  I never tire of the beauty of it.  Today, it was a difficult journey.  I was more fatigued than usual, going up one of the hills.  Two days ago, I felt like I could run up the hill!  Biorhythms? Biorhythms are the supposed cycles that your mind/body/spirit complex experiences as a result of an abundance or lack of universal energy within the self. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person are affected.  Science has largely negated this.  However, I know there are days that I have higher and lower energy, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So today, I was trudging up the hill instead of gliding.  What I did become aware of is, that I was going to continue no matter how I felt.  I also remembered a little mantra that I sometimes say, which is: One more step I take, is one more step I take.  Let me explain.  It is clear that the better physical shape we are in will most likely lead to a longer, healthier life.  Is it guaranteed? No!  The odds are with us though. I believe it is important to believe that this may be the only life we get to live. It will encourage us to live better, love better, eat better, think better, laugh more, be healthier, be present and live in the moment.

I returned back home from my four mile walk and I was not as tired, as half way through the walk.  I realize that I am blessed to be able to exercise like this.  I am healthy enough to do it and I have the time.  I am encouraging all of you to take one more step.  One more emotional, spiritual, physical step will earn you many more perhaps.  Then your journey may be longer, healthier and happier and richly blessed!  From my healthy heart to yours, Thomas